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Updated Service Information - Energy Management

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Why Choose Us?

We shall seek to create a culture of transparency, trust and confidence in our relationship with schools.

We shall seek the best possible competitive prices through access to the NEPO contract. We have previously undertaken a price testing exercise using an independent energy broker for both Electricity and Gas, the results of both exercises confirmed that we are securing value via the existing procurement arrangements. We will continue to undertake price testing as necessary on a timely basis.

We will undertake monthly analysis of costs and consumption through the TEAM SIGMA® Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) software system. We will investigate problem areas using a range of diagnostic equipment and site visits. We provide a telephone support service on all aspects of energy.

Whilst it has not been possible to implement a monthly billing cycle, we have arranged access to our Electricity and Gas suppliers online billing portals which enables schools to monitor monthly consumption and billing data giving schools better clarity to assist with planning for quarterly costs.

We have introduced a formal issues management framework in line with our SLA framework which ensures that queries raised are managed according to communications protocols and SLA commitments to ensure resolution.

19 Mar 2019

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