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HR Advisory - Additional Headteacher/Governing Body Support

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Offering additional direct support to Headteachers/ Governing Body members where a School is dealing with significant/ unprecedented circumstances.

What this SLA provides:

This SLA provides direct confidential help to Headteachers and/or Governing Body members when they are required to deal with a circumstance(s).  Support is provided on a confidential basis ensuring the matter causing concern is being managed with the aim to resolve the matter effectively – either initially or overtime.  The SLA provides for an enhanced level of intensive support over and above that provided by the Standard HR Advisory SLA. The operation of the SLA is overseen by the Service Manager for Schools HR and delivered via a combination of the Schools HR Team inclusive of the Senior Manager, Business Partner or HR Advisor.

For a School to qualify/ be identified as needing additional intensive support, outside of its existing SLA the support needed will be in line with the following criteria:

  • Budget Position
  • Staffing Challenges
  • Pupils Numbers
  • Ofsted Outcome/Category
  • Safeguarding
  • Employee Relations
  • Leadership Change
  • Significant Parental Complaints
  • Standards

The above is not an exhaustive list, the factors that contribute to the School needing additional support are non-standard and can be a stand-alone situation or a combination of several factors. Support offered is tailored to each individual situation but in general terms the situation at hand must have the potential to or is having a significant impact on the School.

SLA in Operation: Once a School is identified as qualifying for support the Service in conjunction with the HR Business Partner/ HR Advisor will determine if the School qualifies for additional time.  The SLA provides for a fixed number of days and how much time is made available per School will depend upon the level of the situation, the level of the Schools HR team member(s) being allocated, if the School has accessed time prior and the wider demands being placed on this SLA at that point in time.

The SLA is operated retrospectively, and allocations are not made/ confirmed until year end as it is imperative that there is equity in the allocation of time and that all Schools who are part of this SLA can be assured that if they qualify, they can access time when they need it.  Schools are advised that a bid will be made on their behalf but if it is decided that they do not qualify the School understand that they are required to pay for the additional time allocated. Where a School needs additional time over the initial allocation charging is applied in accordance with earlier discussion/agreements.

To ensure transparency within this SLA a confidential report will be provided to Schools Forum members directly on a termly basis showing the number of Schools who have accessed the support, the reasons for qualifying for access and the number of days allocated YTD.  Schools using the support provided via this SLA are therefore be assured that in accessing this additional support and in accordance with the standard HR SLA terms confidentiality will be maintained.  To qualify for support from this SLA the School is required to also be a member of/ purchase the Schools HR Standard SLA and to have also bought into this SLA either via direct invoicing of via a Schools Forum de-delegation decision.